propionate testosterone

Standard dosage regimen propionate testosterone Adults and children over 12 years : 1-2 g once daily (every 24 hours). In severe cases, or with infections, pathogens which possess only moderate sensitivity to ceftriaxone, the daily dose may be increased to 4 g Infants (up to 2 weeks) : 20-50 mg / kg body weight once a day. The daily dose should not exceed 50 mg / kg body weight. When determining the dose is not necessary to make a distinction between the term and preterm infants. Infants and young children (from 15 days to 12 years) :. 20-80 mg / kg of body weight once a day Children weighing more than 50 kg the dose administered . adult intravenous dose of 50 mg / kg or above should be administered infusion over at least 30 minutes. Patients elderly :. the usual dose for adults, with no adjustment for age The duration of treatment depends on the course of the disease. As always with antibiotic therapy, administration of Rocephin should be continued even sick for at least 48-72 hours after normalization of temperature and confirm the eradication of the pathogen.


Combination therapy
In the experiment shows the synergy between Rocephin and aminoglycosides against many gram-negative bacteria. Despite the fact that the increased efficiency of such combinations are not always predictable, it should be borne in mind when severe, life-threatening infections such as caused by Pseudomonas aeruginosa . Because of physical incompatibility between ceftriaxone and the propionate testosterone aminoglycoside should be administered separately at the recommended doses for them.

Special dosage
In bacterial meningitis in infants toddlers and children , treatment begins with doses of 100 mg / kg (but not more than 4 g) 1 time per day. After identifying the pathogen and defining its sensitivity, the dose can be reduced accordingly. The best results were achieved with meningococcal meningitis during the duration of treatment of 4 days with meningitis of Haemophilus influenzae – 6 days, of Streptococcus pneumoniae -7 days. Lyme borreliosis : 50 mg / kg (the highest daily dose – 2 grams) in adults and children, once per day for 14 days.

Gonorrhea (caused penitsillinazoobrazuyuschih penitsillinazoneobrazuyuschimi and strains). single intramuscular administration of 250 mg Rocephin Prevention of postoperative infections , depending on the degree of risk of infection, is administered 1-2 g Rocephin once per 30-90 minutes prior to surgery. In operations on the colon and rectum is well established at the same time (but separate) administration of Rocephin and one of the 5-nitroimidazole, eg ornidazole. In patients with impaired renal function there is no need to reduce the dose if liver function is normal. Rocephin daily dose should not exceed 2 g cases only preterminal renal failure (creatinine clearance less than 10 mL / min). Patients with hepatic impairment is not necessary to reduce the dose if kidney function remains normal. When combined severe renal and hepatic impairment should be regularly to determine the propionate testosterone concentration of ceftriaxone in plasma and adjust the dose. If necessary, patients on dialysis, an additional injection after dialysis is required. It should, however, control the concentration of ceftriaxone serum for possible dose adjustment, since the elimination rate in these patients may be reduced.

Introduction Typically, solutions of the drug should be used immediately after preparation. The prepared solutions remain physically and chemically stable for 6 hours at room temperature (or for 24 hours at a temperature of 2-8 ° C). However, the general rule would be to use solutions immediately after preparation, depending on the concentration and duration of storage solutions color may vary from a pale yellow to amber. Coating solution does not affect the efficacy or tolerability. Forintramuscular injection, 250 mg or 500 mg Rocephin dissolved in 2 ml and 1 g – 3.5 ml 1% lidocaine and injected deep into the gluteal muscle. It is recommended to be administered not more than 1 gram in one buttock. A solution containing lidocaine, can not be administered intravenously. For intravenous injection are dissolved 250 mg or 500 mg Rocephin 5 ml and 1 g – 10 ml of sterile propionate testosterone water for injection;injected slowly for 2 -. 4-minute intravenous infusion should last at least 30 minutes. To prepare the solution diluted with 2 g Rocephin in 40 ml of one of the following infusion solutions not containing calcium ions: 0.9% sodium chloride, 0.45% sodium chloride + 2.5% glucose, 5% glucose, 10% glucose, 5% fructose, 6% dextran in a 5% glucose solution, 6-10% of hydroxyethyl starch, water for injection. Rocephin solutions can not be mixed or added to solutions containing other antibiotics or other solvent, except for the above, because of potential incompatibility. steroide achat winstrol oral achat achat steroide oraux axiron reviews bodybuilding thaiger pharma contest